About Cat & Sprout

Hello and welcome. My name is Kate and I write essays, poems and songs about mental and environmental health. My artistic expression encourages restorative healing, positive ecological practices, better land stewardship, and greater cultural awareness. 

The cat represents magic and healing. I associate cats with witches. Witches, though often stereotyped as evil, haggard women, are healers who transform, cultivate, nourish, and grow. Witches read and write books full of intricate spells and enchantments. These creations derive from time getting to know themselves and their local environments. 

This brings me to sprout, which represents growth and the environment.  I hope my writing inspires people to listen and nourish their local habitats. Topics may include beneficial critters, indigenous knowledge (of the Miwok and Ohlone people), environmental education, and mindful gardening. 

Find weekly essays under Home, poems under Spells / Poems, songs under Enchantments / Songs, current projects under Potions / Projects, and educational resources and references under References & Resources.

To understand a little more about me!—I am a recent graduate from Marin County, California. I studied English with a focus on creative nonfiction at Whitman College. I've spent lots of time analyzing books, tutoring writing, leading outdoor trips, researching, and of course, writing!   

Join me vicariously through a plentitude of lyrical essays, poetry, and music!

photo by Elle Pollock 


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